Examples of YAB-projects

DEIF’s Young Advisory Board (YAB) consist of people from different departments, aged below 35, who is actively involved in different projects across the organisation. Below you find some examples of initiatives and projects undertaken by the board.  

ActionLab event

The YAB, together with a core group in DEIF, held an ActionLab event, where employees were encouraged to generate ideas on how to engage customers in sustainability work. More than 50 colleagues from different departments and geographical regions participated in the hybrid event. YAB planned and organised the event with the core group and support from DI (the Confederation of Danish Industry).

Energy Campaign

The YAB initiated an Energy Campaign aimed at promoting energy-conscious practices among DEIF employees. This initiative focused on empowering individuals to make a difference by adopting simple yet effective strategies to reduce energy consumption and promote savings. With post-it notes, the YAB shared valuable recommendations across DEIF's premises, encouraging everyone to play their part in creating a more sustainable workplace.

Picture 41 Energy Campaign (1)